Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here YE O' Photographer Friends

I decided to start this blog because some days, I need to vent...and not just vent to my daily chat with my cute and sweet fellow photographers who will be nicknamed later in this blog, but I need to vent out there to all the other photographers in the world who FEEL ME!

(not literally)

So, I will start my blog with my FIRST EVER psycho client. I don't know if this one really constitutes a psycho client, but it was my first taste and I still remember it well.

Keep in mind, fellow readers, followers, and friends...that I consider myself to be a pretty darn good photographer and an excellent business woman. I am pretty sure I know what I am doing...and we all had our starts and finishes somewhere up the ladder of success...I am still climbing mine hoping that some whacked out bride doesn't come along and go homocidal on me.

Now, for that first crazy client...It was a few years back...and I had just really started booking weddings pretty regularly...at the low price of $1500 for full coverage. The client got all sorts of goodies in their package including several other shoots and an album. yes, I sold myself cheap back then...but thatis the way it is done. Anyway, the client had a frame in her package which, I love giving to clients (even today)...well, she didn't want to come pick it up from the shop...and insisted that I mail out a glass frame.

Firstly, I am NOT UPS, USPS, Fedex, whatever. So, I packaged it the way I would package anything fragile...with bubble wrap and in a mailer. Guess what? it arrived broken. Bride FLIPS out. I insist she picks up the replacement frame in person...so she and her new husband arrive to my shop and she completely snubs her already up-pointed nose at me and didn't say a word.

That my friends, was my first taste of the idocracy of a bride who will never be pleased. Simple as that, and now when my rates exceed the $6000 range for photography, the bridezillas---or really, the megatronbrides, out there come out full throttle and throw the most amazing hissy fits I have ever seen.

As I share my daily rant with you, I will spare you the happy bride tales...stories that will make you weep with joy because, in all honesty, I do have some pretty darn special clients who make my life wonderful. But, damn it all to hell if I don't get a few who literally make me rub my forehead in agony, pull out strands of my hair, and last but not least..make me a crazy diva photographer lady.

So, welcome and adeu to those few who find me here and can relate to my ever so frightening tales of nightmare brides---and other clients too.

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